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Get your company on the path to success

Talent ~ Relationships ~ Teamwork


For a business to be successful, there are many areas of expertise required including marketing. Maintaining your business relationships is key.

At KMAC Marketing Solutions we focus on your company's potential to grow by helping you foster relationships with  decision makers. Success is all about relationships. It’s about having a strategic communications process that creates positive connections between you and your target audiences.

There are other good marketing companies out there. But we're the one you'll keep.

Event Planning

Running your business takes a lot of manpower, running an event can be a big strain on that manpower, especially because the event process can be such an exasperating and demanding task. So many details and moving parts. We at KMAC Marketing Solutions offer your company the benefits of our event management expertise. We can help spark that ingenuous thought for new corporate event, add some zest to a worn out event or fundraiser, make your company parties memorable and guarantee when the doors open 

everything exceeds your expectations.


It's a tough labor market and it's taking more resources than ever to successfully fill positions that are critical to expansion as well as your normal day to day operations.​ Our Construction Recruitment department continuously looks for and vets candidates within the construction industry and are ready to present them upon demand or provide a custom solution that better suits your specific needs.

The next time you find yourself searching for talent, you don’t have to go it alone.
KMAC Marketing Solutions can take the toughest search off your hands,
so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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